How will you come?

Address: Gaki Zeri 21, Parga 48060, Epirus, Greece

The hotel is located on the steps of the castle. We suggest you do not come on foot if your luggage is heavy or large.

You follow the ring road, you do not enter the centre of Parga. You will reach an intersection where it goes straight to the villages of Anthousa, Agia , Perdika and left where it goes to the beach of Valtos and the Venetian Castle of Parga. You will head left where it ends at a second junction. It doesn’t turn anywhere, you go straight on a one way street. It’s a bit of a private road, so before you go down the one-way check if a car is coming up ,if it catches you halfway down, you will wait for it to go back. This particular street ends at the Venetian Castle.There is a small alley where you can leave your car for a while and drop off your luggage.The hotel is 2 minutes down the steps on your right hand side.

The best way is to call a taxi as soon as you get off the bus. Tell the gentleman who will take you to the entrance of the Venetian castle of Parga to drop you off. From there our hotel is 2 minutes down the steps on your left hand side.

Tel Parga Taxi:

. Lampros Spyrou +30 6976447596

. Larry Larphrou, Llobar Parrivis, Llobar Parrivis +30 6947419792

. Miltos +30 6932081192

The time it takes to get from Aktion airport to Parga is 1 hour and can be done by taxi from Aktion airport which is available 24 hours a day and costs about 85 euros for 4 people or by renting a car from the airport (preferably small).

Taxi Igoumenitsa (transfers to all areas)

George Darlas: +30 6938093258

To get to Parga you will take the ferry to the port of Igoumenitsa, 2 hours journey and from Igoumenitsa you will take a bus or taxi, 30 minutes journey.

. Igoumenitsa phone number:2665022309

. Taxi Igoumenitsa:

George Darlas: +30 6938093258

-1st Way: Ephira Travel is able to arrange the transfer from the Port of Igoumenitsa – Parga by taxi and the cost for 1-4 persons is 70 euros.

For more information:

tel: 0030 2684 031 439


-2nd Way : By bus from Igoumenitsa to Parga and if your luggage is heavy we encourage you to come to the Venetian Castle by TAXI

Igoumenitsa phone number:2665022309

Parga taxi tel.

. Lampros Spyrou +30 6976447596

. Tsarkovistas Thanasis +30 6947419792

. Miltos +30 6932081192

-3rd Way.

Tel: +30 6938093258